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Do It Yourself Option for Long Arm Quilting: We have decided to make available our long arm Blockrockit quilting machine in our home by appointment. The machine sits on a Grace 10 foot Queen Frame and has the option of manual or stitch regulated operations. Throat size is approximately 10”. The machine specifications can be viewed on line at: http://www.kathyquilts.com/blockrockit/

First time renters will be required to take an introductory 2 hour course on how to load the frame and basic machine operation. First time fee is $60 and includes the 2 hour course and 2 hours of free rental time. After registration it will also include up to a 45 minute free phone call to discuss your first project if needed. Rental Appointments can be scheduled from 10AM to 2PM Monday thru Saturday on a first come first serve basis. A $20 non refundable deposit is required at the time of registration. If you require additional time to complete your project an additional rental fee of $18 per hour is charged. Materials are the responsibility of the renter. See materials required below.

Individuals who have completed the beginner course may schedule rental time at a rate of $18 per hour. To make an appointment to rent the machine a $20 deposit is required and will be applied to your rental time when you show up for your appointment.  Deposit is non-refundable . The long arm will be cleaned, oiled and ready for you to start when your rental time begins. It is assumed that the renter will work independently, but I will always be available to provide assistance as you may need it.


Materials are the choice of the renter. You may bring anything from a practice sandwich to a quilt. You will require the following:

Batting of your choice however please allow an extra 2 inches per side and extra 5 inches for top and bottom.

Backing of your choice however please allow an extra 2 inches per side and extra 5 inches for top and bottom.

The project top of your choice.

Thread required is Superior Thread’s Omni Tx30 of your color choice. It can be purchased on line. I use the following two resources:



Noel Clark