Photo Lap Quilts


Photo Quilts


This is a special class of heirloom quilts where you may select favorite photographs having them turned into fabric. Examples would be your favorite travels, pets, people you love. The possibilities are endless and require just your imagination and your favorite photos.

The steps involved is:

1. Select your photos and email them to me. I prefer working with .jpg’s which is usually the normal format of pictures that you have saved to your computer. I will pixilate the photos to the fabric companies requirements. Bear in mind that when translating photos to fabric the colors generated on fabric are usually darker than the original photo.

2. The fabric order is a one yard minimum. As an example, from the custom photo quilt above, I was able to fit 12 smaller pictures and 1 larger picture on a yard of fabric. The sizes you see there are approx 7×7 inches for the smaller pictures and 16×16 inches for the larger one. Another example of potential design (with some variations) would be the photo displayed in the Artist Themed Quilts section of this site.

3. You will discuss with the designer (me) ideas for predominate colors and background fabrics in further designing your quilt.

The median cost for photo heirloom lap quilts is $175. Cost of materials for these quilts average $100 without labor and include the $25 a yard for the photo fabrics and pixilating services. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required when placing your order.